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Welcome to our blog.  We are committed to providing Life Science organizations with relevant and up-to-date information about all things related to life sciences.  Please visit our blog often!

In our blog we will:

* Post blogs written by ILE to let Life Science companies know what we do… our successes… what’s going on in the world of Life Sciences… our take on the news, our take on international life science activities, etc.

* We will post VIDEO blogs from time to time — because we think it’s important for our visitors to view and listen to our philosophy, our model, what we know works and doesn’t — our solutions — which might be different from others in this business.  But if you work with us, you’ll know that we’re in it for YOU — and that our model, objectives, philosophy are unique and that we are successful when you are.

* We will curate content from other sources around the Internet.  They will be links to interesting articles, presentations, videos, white papers, etc.  We may provide some insight and thoughts prior to the link — but you’ll know why we think it’s a great piece of content.

* We will review all comments and when required, we’ll respond to them in a follow-up blog post.  This blog is our way of providing you with an ongoing “library” of interesting content — some of it our own!

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– The International Life-Science Enterprises Team