Who We Are

Dedicated to successful Life Science companies in the global market

International Life-Science Enterprises (ILE) is far more than sum of its parts.

We are a team of experienced life science professionals with significant academic, business and research experience in the global life science business.  ILE works with with life science enterprises desiring to expand their business internationally or planning to enter the United States markets.

Our Process

  • ILE’s Partners and Associates are experienced executives familiar with the practical issues of strategic development, product development and program management
  • ILE’s solutions are not theoretical but practical strategies based on experience
  • ILE will not leave its clients with only a plan but participates in the implementation of that plan and can act as an interim executive on the ground
  • ILE has no conflicts of interest, our only allegiance is to the client– you

Business Philosophy

The first step to working with ILE involves a pre-market analysis.  This process can be a ‘deep or shallow analysis depending on the company’s specific needs.

As the process evolves and expands, ILE can provide services, support and expertise in the following areas:

  • Management
  • Regulatory
  • Marketing, sales and distribution
  • Selection and negotiation with service providers
  • Legal
  • Taxation
  • Financial
  • Investment opportunities

These are managed and selected according to your corporate needs.

  • Clinical Trials
  • Facility assistance
  • Quality Control of product
  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Strategic Partnering
  • Access to U.S. Government funding

How We Help You Succeed

ILE fills in the pieces and people you need for success

  • Independent of regional and domestic interests
  • Involved only in our clients success
  • Team is experienced “hands on” life science management
  • Network of the world’s best experts
  • Interim support – until your organization is ready to move on independently

Our Expertise

Our team has skills and backgrounds in a multitude of those areas required for success,

  • Life Science Enterprise Commercialization; human and veterinary
  • Medical Device
  • Nano Technology
  • Diagnostics & Therapeutic
  • Genomics
  • Small molecules
  • Manufacturing
  • R&D
  • Biotechnology
  • Fundraising
  • Investor Sourcing, Negotiations and Relations
  • Scientific Community Relations
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Program and Product Management
  • Vaccines
  • Life Science Business Start-ups and Entrepreneur Mentoring
  • Academic Ties and Relationships
  • Clinical Testing, Protocol Establishment and Management
  • In-market Expertise: U.S., North, South and Latin America; Europe, Asia and Middle East

We Understand the U.S. Market

For clients starting up in the U.S. or those seeking to expand to the U.S., ILE understands the U.S. market dynamics:

  • 17% of GDP, $2.8 Trillion in 2012 – largest in the world (40.1% of global health care expenditures)
  • Rated only #18 in the world in quality
  • Multiple independent consultants (variable quality)
  • Highly complex
  • Multiple payers, CPT code, reimbursement issues, distribution, liability issues, competition
  • FDA, EPA, regulatory issues
  • Undergoing substantive changes “Patient Reform Act”
  • Complex distribution and marketing issues
  • Costly to access and time consuming

Why Start in Minnesota?

  • Excellent Life Sciences labor force
  • International airline hub
  • Living and labor less expensive that either coast
  • Located in the middle of US
  • Center for Health Care insurance companies
  • Service providers expertise in Life Sciences
  • World center of Device Industry
  • Center for OEM Health care support organizations
  • Home of clinical research centers:  Mayo Clinic and University of Minnesota