ILE Contributes to U.S. Dept of Commerce Program

Dept of Commerce LogoIn July, ILE was a participant in the 2014 Intellectual Property Protection: Technology Commercialization Program that’s part of the Commerce Department’s SABIT Program. We were honored to be included to provide our expertise. With ILE’s goal to work with life science companies in the U.S. and from global markets, we’re excited to be given the opportunity to meet with global companies in the life science space and thank the U.S. Department of Commerce for their various programs that foster such business opportunities. We recently received a letter of thanks from the U.S. Dept of Commerce and you can view it here.

Introducing UEL to the MN Senate Finance Committee

UEL State Finance Committe Presenatation 11-12-13International Life-Science Enterprises is a member of the UEL (University Enterprise Laboratories).  On November 12, 2013, International Lifescience Enterprises was part of a delegation presenting to and introducing the UEL to the Minnesota Senate Finance Committee.  The meeting was preparatory — to raise money from a bonding bill designed to expand the facility.  Visit the UEL website to learn more about this facility and some of the tenants already taking advantage of the UEL’s services.

From ILE’s Founder and Senior Partner

ILENEWPRESENTATION.pptxDuring my over 20 years as an executive in the Life Sciences I have been privileged to work with exciting technologies and brilliant people in many diverse cultures and geographic locations and with a multiplicity of technologies and companies. During that time I and my colleagues have identified the elite experts in all facets of our industry. We consolidate and co-ordinate this diverse group of experts. Our dedication to the clients of International Life-Science Enterprises is 100%.

We, of ILE, work only with the best and most effective individuals and corporations in the facilitation of US companies exploring international opportunities and international companies wishing to access the United States Life Science markets.

My colleagues and I look forward in assisting you in the growth, strategy and execution of associated tactics to ensure the success of your venture.


Joseph Shaw
Senior Partner/Founder

International Lifescience Enterprises

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