The International Life-Science Enterprises Concept

Upon returning for a four-year period in Austrasia in 2002 Mr. Shaw recognized a need to facilitate the globalization of Life technology. This trend already exemplified by the major Life Science organizations such as Medtronic, J&J, GSK etc. is one that increases their market breadth and success. At that time Mr. Shaw assembled a group of progressive thinkers and doers including Mr. Paul Turney. Conceived originally as a service and associated real estate the concept was readily recognized by international organization by was somewhat ahead of its time in terms of US acceptance.

However, the concept was never far from these original founders mind. In 2013 the time has come. There is an increased recognition of the universality of Life Science technology, markets and regulatory requirements. The emerging economies are providing significant impetus to this trend and finally US Companies are recognizing the early importance of globalization both as market and supplier and in some instances a source of funding to their embryonic ventures.

Today the culture, technologies and people are available to fully maximize the opportunity ILE represents. That is the enabling of organizing to enter into global relationships, which are mutually beneficial. The ILE group consisting of collection experts in various aspect of The Life Science business integrated with an enthusiasm and knowledge of the worlds market has assembled an internal cadre and extensive network of experts capable of dealing with the complexities each individual world market represents. Today’s technology enables a virtual approach to the challenges facing early stage and mid stage organizations in reaping the benefits of globalization.

Helping Lifescience businesses
reap the benefits of globalization