Manitoba Technology Accelerator

Manitoba Tech Accel

The Manitoba Technology Accelerator business incubation program is committed to the long-term success of its clients’ science or technology start-up business activities. Manitoba Technology Accelerator’s program program helps clients operate professionally within their start-up budget, enabling them to reach higher levels of business success.

International Life-Science Enterprises is pleased to be working with Manitoba Technology Accelerator

The Accelerator incubation team actively participates in all stages of a client’s business planning and growth. They support clients with a customized blend of mentoring, coaching, infrastructure, financial and investment support. Clients of Manitoba Technology Accelerator are surrounded by expertise until ready to exit the program and begin independent business growth. This model, shared by International Life-Science Enterprises portends great opportunities for life science businesses in the United States, Canada and beyond

As with ILE, Manitoba Technology Accelerator’s approach is:  “If you’ve got an innovation or business idea in the science and technology sector, the Accelerator Program can help you bring it to life!”

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