Saitama Industrial Development Corporation – List of companies

visiting MD&M West in Anaheim CA Feb. 10-12, 2015  Saitama Rose

Saitama Prefecture (“State”) is adjacent to Tokyo, Japan with a population of over 7-million occupying 1,500 square miles and is a center of precision manufacturing and innovative small to medium sized companies. These companies produce unique precision components and processes and are anxious to establish themselves as integral part of the supply chain to the global medical device industry. They are able through their expertise combined with extensive automation to supply precision components and materials of the highest quality while remaining economically attractive. These  companies can assist your product development and ongoing production with a quality and cost profile that makes them attractive to you organization.  Companies attending:

  1. Actment Co. Ltd.
  2. B & Plus K.K.
  3. Cosmic M.E. Inc.
  4. Kakoh Co. Ltd.
  5. Nippon Piston Ring
  6. Tokyo Titanium
  7. Metran Co. Ltd.

For a short summary of each, click here for a downloadable PDF document.

And click here for a contact list of our Saitama Industrial Development Corporation Partners. Please call us with any questions — we’re happy to help!