International Life-Science Enterprises is proud to be associated and affiliated with a number of domestic and foreign organizations.

ILE confers with Chambers of Commerce, Consulates, Partners and Clients around the world. Each entity noted below is linked to their respective website. (In some cases, Chambers of Commerce have unique sites for countries in which they have a presence. You can explore them as well.)

Our close ties to these entities provides additional value to you. We can help you gain access to in-country resources through these connections. In some cases, these countries sponsor trade missions and conduct life science expositions. International Life Science Enterprises can help you determine whether attendance at such expositions, conferences and trade missions will benefit your organization. Please feel free to confer with us about our relationships with these organizations at any time.



♦  Positively Minnesota (DEED)

Dept of Employment & Economic Development

♦  Hannover, Ltd

Instrumental to EU opportunities. Learn more here.

♦  Dr. Frank Herdmann

Auxilium Expatbiz Services. American’s Gateway to central Europe. Learn more here.

Saitama Rose

Saitama Industrial Development Corporation

Meet the Japanese companies that can become your commercial partners by clicking here...

Manitoba Tech Accel

Manitoba Technology Accelerator

ILE is pleased to be working with MTA and Manitoba Knights Angel Group.
Learn more by clicking here