Saitama Industrial Development Corporation

Saitama Rose

Actment Co. Ltd.

Actment Is a supplier specializing in nitinol products as well as other medical device metal materials such as stainless steel and molding. Actment currently produces their own product for the treatment of ingrown toenails called “Nail-aid” which is widely distributed in Japan. They also supply flexible nitinol tubes for forceps and catheters. They are well suited to prototyping and product development. A successful Japanese supplier to the medical device industry they are already in discussion with various major global medical device groups worldwide. The Company is a perfect partner for an organization desiring small metal precision parts and as a nitinol development partner for those desiring high quality, excellent pricing combined with and a rapidity of response.

Kakoh Co. Ltd.

Kakoh specializes in small diameter tubing which they currently supply to local Japanese manufacturers of endoscopes, nozzles, analytical equipment (chromatography) and syringes. They have the ability to produce smaller diameter metal pipes than any other company. This ability extends to both mass and short production runs. These pipes can be produced in many different types of metals including titanium, nickel and nitinol. ISO compliant they already have met success in the European market and are seeking to expand their presence to the United States.

Koyshin Precision Works

Koyoshin manufactures prototypes and small production runs of metal parts used in medical devices such as dental equipment, endoscopes, and ophthalmological devices. With facilities in both Japan and China Koyoshin provides high quality and economical components for medical devices as well as producing and designing coil forming, and injection molding products.


Kodensha employs a unique and highly effective production method called “Suriawase”. This system maintains close co-operation among all the different aspects of the production process, such as research and development, design, production technology, purchasing, and sales. Many of Japan’s top manufacturers such as Toyota are enjoying success by utilizing this advanced method of development. Kodensha employs this system in the manufacturing of assembly lines for such diverse needs as pharmaceuticals and cell phones. They are offering this expertise to US companies in the most economical and effective means currently available.


Nichiryo is a manufacturer of a full range of quality pipettes and disposable tips. Their products are available in a broad range of dependable and easily calibrated products adaptable to any laboratory environment. Their range is complimented with multi-channel pipettes and an ability to design custom made pipettes for a multiple of uses.  AACC 2014 Booth # 4775.

Nippon Piston Rings. Inc.

Nippon Piston Rings is one of the world’s largest manufacturing/sales of production/replacement parts for domestic/overseas automobile, marine and land engines, such parts as piston rings, cylinder liners, and valve train parts (composite camshafts, valve seat inserts, and valve locker arms). A recent revolutionary breakthrough by Nippon Piston Rings is the development of a “MR Compatible” and “MR Safe” metal. They are seeking a developmental partner capable of adapting this technology to medical devices.

Tokyo Titanium, Co. Ltd.

Tokyo Titanium, provides both the development and production of titanium products including surgical instruments of exceptional quality for which they are seeking US distribution. Medical device components are manufactured by them for Fuji Systems, HOMS Engineering Inc., Bear Medical Corporation and Doctor’s Idea Supply. Currently such parts are manufactured from a variety of metals including titanium. The products include; hernia implants, dental casts and a variety of retractors. Specializing in small custom runs and a rapid turnaround Tokyo Titanium can be an excellent supplier and partner in the production of medical devices as well as surgical instruments.


Sake products laboratory instruments as well as associated reagents. They also will provide OEM support for the production of laboratory reagents. They will be introducing their lime of laboratory instruments at the 2014 American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) in Chicago. To be highlighted at the AACC are;  Automated Analyzers for Testing Blood of Diabetic indicators, Microplate handling systems and a PD (Peritoneal Dialysis) Fluid Warming System. AACC 2014 Booth # 2345.

For more information contact:  Paul Turney at 952.463.8014 (mobile) or 651.641.2808 (office); or Joe Shaw or Tim Tripp at 651.641.2808